Honduras Good Works

A 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based organization. We work with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras; however, volunteers who go on our mission trips come from all faiths.

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Medical Brigades

If you have a week to spare in the summer we would love your help.

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On our mission trips, volunteer doctors and dentists see around 3,000 patients in a week, bringing quality medical and dental care to rural Hondurans in need.

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We provide scholarships to Honduran children so that they can afford to graduate from high school, giving them a better chance at a better life.

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As part of our church and community development, we have programs to help build churches in rural villages and micro finance projects to create jobs and economic opportunities.

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Fundraising Goal - $308,085

Your donation will help us continue these good works. Please donate any amount.

Progress towards our goal!
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Scholarship Program

We are trying to increase the number of children in our scholarship program to 175 this year.
Our goal - $45,9000
Your donation can keep a child in school.

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Donate Medical Supplies

We are in need of the following: new and gently used ace wraps, band-aids, tape, gauze, bandage scissors, gloves: sterile and non-sterile all sizes, triple antibiotic cream, Steristrips and splints.

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Donate School Supplies

We need school supplies:
Pencils / Paper

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Each Christmas we buy our friends and family gifts; some good, some bad. After Christmas, what are we to do with these gifts that we really don’t need? This year do something different, make a donation that can change a person’s life. Make a donation in... read more

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Gift Store Need some last minute gifts or stocking stuffers? We now have a gift store where you may purchase items with the Honduras Good Works logo. The store is hosted by zazzle.com. They produce the items, manage the store and handle purchases. We receive a portion... read more

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