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Honduras Good Works

a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is a faith-based organization. We work with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras; however, volunteers who go on our mission trips come from all faiths.

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We are able to accomplish much because of our volunteers. You can help make a difference.
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On our mission trips, volunteer doctors and dentists see around 3,000 patients in a week, bringing quality medical and dental care to rural Hondurans in need.
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We provide scholarships to Honduran children so that they can afford to graduate from high school, giving them a better chance at a better life.
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As part of our church and community development we work with local clergy to lift the spirits and improve the lives of Hondurans.
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Upcoming Events

Each summer our brigade (doctors, dentists, nurses, volunteers) make a medical mission trip to Honduras. During the rest of the year we hold informational and fundraising events to support the mission trip and our ongoing programs in Honduras.
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Fundraising Goal - $277,000

Your donation can help us continue these good works. Please donate any amount.

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Dollar For Dollar Campaign

The Board of Directors for Honduras Good Works has pledged to match your donation “Dollar For Dollar” up to $11,000.

Amount matched = $7720
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Our goal is to improve the lives of rural Hondurans through projects that emphasize Health, Education and Spirit.

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We are able to do our good works with your help. Donate your time, your money, medical supplies or school supplies.