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July 20-27, 2016

Accepting applications!



Learn what a medical brigade is, how you can help, what to bring and more. If you have a week to spare in the summer we would love your help.



You can support the Medical Brigade by donating medical supplies, school supplies, money for medicines or help a volunteer pay their way!



OUR GOAL – 200 STUDENTS – $54,000



A 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based organization. Honduras Good Works works with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras through medical mission trips, scholarship programs and microfinance for small businesses. Volunteers who go on our mission trips come from all faiths.



On our mission trips, volunteer doctors and dentists see around 3,000 patients in a week, bringing quality medical and dental care to rural Hondurans in need. Throughout the year we provide vitamins and anti-parasite medicine to children to help them be more productive in school.



We provide scholarships to Honduran children so that they can afford to graduate from high school, giving them a better chance at a better life.



Our community development effort consists of projects to help create jobs. We do this through our microfinance program where we fund small business enterprises.



You can help support us at no cost to you. By shopping at one of the vendors on our Shop to Support page we receive a contribution based on your purchase. Just remember to start here!

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Support Patient Care in 2016

Time, Talent, and Treasure Needed! Since 1998, Honduras Good Works (HGW) has taken an annual medical brigade to the the mountainous rural area of Yuscaran, El Paraiso, Honduras. The medical brigade are volunteers including doctors, nurses, and translators who will see approximately 3,000 patients in a five day period. HGW’s medical brigade is the only non-emergency health care provider that visits these villages. The major illnesses observed and diagnosed include malnutrition, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and parasitic infections. We are truly blessed to have convenient, accessible health care in America. Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in Honduras lack access to health care. There are many obstacles that stand in their way including poverty, lack of infrastructure, and shortages of medical supplies and providers.  Often times, the pharmaceutical shelves at the government run health care clinic in Yuscaran lie empty. In many cases, HGW’s medical brigade will be the only health care provider that the Hondurans will see for an entire year. That means many patients with chronic illnesses (epilepsy, hypertension, and diabetes) will be supplied with enough pharmaceuticals to treat their illness for one year. Please help us lend a caring hand to our fellow Hondurans by donating your time, talent, and treasure.  Your donation will help fund the 2016 Medical Brigade by allowing us to purchase medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to support patient care. DONATE... read more

We Got It!

From Jo Ann Swahn, Microfinance Director A precious piece of paper has finally been approved, stamped, sealed and delivered into our hands! It is the official registration of the Honduran Tile Cooperative that allows this micro enterprise to operate and receive tax benefits allowed cooperatives. Officially named the Cooperativa de Produccion Artesanal de Piedra Natural de Honduras, the project is recognized as a social program for the benefit of the people through job creation for chronically unemployed in a poor, rural area of Honduras. Agusto Medina, my Honduran counterpart, persistently shepherded our application through an arduous labyrinth of bureaucracy that often times seemed impossible to navigate. With help from invaluable contacts we have made over the few years, and with the Grace of God, it is accomplished! Having this legal document in our hands allows us to proceed in completing the project. Donate to the Tile Cooperative Construction 90% completed! The site is almost completed. It is a simple structure of brick, partial roofing, cement pathways, and fencing. River stones will be brought by truck into the open square. The saw operation is covered but open-sided to allow ventilation and comfort for the workers. When the stones are cut into small 5/8” X 5/8” squares, workers will wheel them to the gluing operation where women workers will glue the pieces onto one-foot square pieces. When enough squares are completed to fill a shipping container, about 8,000 square foot tiles, the product will be shipped to San Pedro Sula for sale and distribution there, or shipped to the U.S. for sale and distribution in the States. MAJOR DONATION RECEIVED FOR ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE We... read more

Honduras Good Works e-Reunion 2016

  Everyone has a story to tell.  What’s your story? Honduras Good Works is calling on all current and former volunteers, donors, contributors, leaders, etc., from near and far, to join us in our first ever e-Reunion. You are a part of the HGW story, so share it! How did you get involved with HGW?  How has your HGW experience impacted you?  How have you witnessed HGW’s impact on Hondurans? We encourage you to share your thoughts, photos, and videos. No story is too small or too insignificant. From time to time, we plan to share your stories through one of our social media platforms in order to illustrate your good works and the work of the many volunteers who have helped change lives in Honduras. No need to get in a car or plane to attend this e-Reunion since it’s online. You can send your story to or simply complete the following Google Form for your convenience. Please send your responses by January 31, 2016!   See you at the e-Reunion! HGW Board of... read more

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