Honduras Good Works

A 501(c)3 nonprofit faith-based organization. We work with the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras; however, volunteers who go on our mission trips come from all faiths.

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Medical Brigades

If you have a week to spare in the summer we would love your help.

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On our mission trips, volunteer doctors and dentists see around 3,000 patients in a week, bringing quality medical and dental care to rural Hondurans in need.

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We provide scholarships to Honduran children so that they can afford to graduate from high school, giving them a better chance at a better life.

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For community development we have micro finance projects that create jobs by funding small business enterprises.

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Scholarship Program

Our goal 200 students, $54,000!

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Donate Medical Supplies

We are in need of the following: new and gently used ace wraps, band-aids, tape, gauze, bandage scissors, gloves: sterile and non-sterile all sizes, triple antibiotic cream, Steristrips and splints.

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Help Change Lives

Through our Health, Education and Spirit initiatives we are helping Hondurans break the cycle of poverty and change their destiny. Your donation will help us continue these good works.

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Donate School Supplies

We need school supplies:
Pencils / Paper

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¡Viva la independencia!

After the celebrations have ended this Independence Day let’s take a moment to think about our own economic independence in comparison to our Honduran brothers and sisters. A little bit of our abundance goes a long way to help Hondurans have a chance in life!... read more

Final Packing Party

Still plenty to pack! Thanks to many dedicated volunteers and successful packing parties, we’ve packed hundreds of pounds of supplies, medicine, and other items for the July mission trip. But don’t worry – there is still a lot to pack and prepare,... read more

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